How To Have A Great Vacation And Still Avoid COVID 19

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We’ve all heard the COVID-19 messages:

  • Don’t go on Cruise Ships
  • Avoid Crowds
  • Don’t Touch Your Face
  • Wash Your Hands

As a result, many people are canceling their vacation plans involving long flights, visits to any global hot spot for the virus, or, of course, cruises.  If you are worried about making plans for your summer holiday, consider these five ways (in addition to what health authorities have advised) to enjoy your holiday and reduce the risk to yourself and others of catching and spreading the disease.


man blowing nose with kleenex all around him, suggesting that he's sick with a cold virus


The obvious approach is to stay in a smaller place, like an inn or a traditional B&B, where you are not exposed to lots of people, crowded places or elevators.  For example, at our B&B, Cheers B&B, we accommodate only up to 8 guests at a time.    Unlike many hotels and cruise ships, we can open the windows, and the air is fresh, not laden with germs. Most importantly, stay where management or owners are on site to make sure things stay safe; Airbnb stays in unregulated accommodations are especially risky right now.



okanagan valley view of lake and mountains and vineyard with a glass of red wine in the foreground

Big restaurants mean lots of cooks and servers and plenty of people handling your food.  In smaller restaurants, there is less opportunity for the virus to land on your plate.   Only the two of us prepare and serve the breakfasts, using ingredients from local farms or our garden. Food at Cheers hasn’t travelled through many hands. Our cleaning routines are environmentally conscious, using natural products, like vinegar and isopropanol alcohol to keep everyone safe. We are in wine country, so you can disinfect your insides too!



If you can drive to your destination, you’ll save money and stay out of airplanes. Kelowna is within a few hours’ drive of Seattle, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. The drive is spectacular, and the traffic is usually light.



Okanagan valley view of the lake and mountains and trees in kelownaIronically, this summer flying will probably be more pleasant than it’s been for years. Airfares are cheaper, planes are emptier, and you can probably get upgraded for less. The airports are less crowded, and the lines to check in and get through security are shorter. You can choose a destination that is likely to be a lower risk for COVID-19, like a smaller city, and the aircraft will be smaller and lower-risk, too.



Canada is one of the best prepared counties in the world, our health services are first class, and close at hand.  When you are here, you can stay healthy by hiking our beautiful mountains, swimming in gorgeous Lake Okanagan, play golf or tennis, dine at great small restaurants featuring local produce, and tour wineries.  Wine is good for you– it reduces stress and it is a fruit after all, right?!

Stay safe!   Cheers!