The Unexpected Benefits of Vacation Travel

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a closeup of a womans shoes and a roller luggage bag on steps, highlighting the benefits of vacation travel

Mark Twain once said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” And he knew what he was talking about.  Look at the troubles in this crazy world; aren’t they all caused in part by these attributes? Vacation travel opens people up to new places and cultures, with a multitude of benefits that are often unexpected.


Vacation Travel & Gaining Insight

Travelling allows you to meet people of different cultures, with diverse life experiences and lifestyles.  It provides a lens through which you might see your own world, in a new way.  And, just as importantly, spending time with people who are not like you can result in an insight:

We are all the same beings living on the same planet. We all love, sleep, dance, and eat; the fact that we do those things differently is beautiful.

Travelling has other psychological and physiological benefits.


Trying Something New

With vacation travel, you become open to trying new things. With new experiences, you are learning. When you step outside of your comfort zone, you gain the courage to try more new things. Next thing you know, you’ve signed up for ziplining!

Actually, there is a zipline not far from Cheers; if you’ve never tried it, you should!

You create memories that you carry with you and enjoy long after you’ve returned home. Like my mother ziplining in Hawaii at 74!

Najias mother ziplining in Hawaii at age 74, trying something new because of vacation travel Najias mother ziplining in Hawaii on vacation

Reducing Stress

Travel is an effective stress-buster.  Your usual routine is gone, and your time is your own. Someone else is cooking and cleaning for you. Everything you do is geared towards having fun.

You feel more connected to your partner because you are both enjoying new things, including meeting people who become friends for years to come – that’s what Cheers is all about!


Being Receptive

The more you travel, the more adaptable you are to change. You are more open to spontaneity.

Traveling also ignites your creativity. You might come up with a great business idea relaxing lakeside or on a boat.  You might find you really enjoy painting, jewelry-making or cooking at one of our local winery events, for example.


Bettering Yourself

Last, but not least, vacation travel may advance your career, no matter what field it’s in.

How do I know?  When I was a practicing organizational psychologist, I was asked to determine what attributes identified high-achievers in management recruitment.  I ran a study that looked at demographics, and all sorts of experiential factors of people who excelled in their careers.  There was one factor that stood out among all those high achievers: they all had significant travel or living experiences in foreign countries.

So, at the end of the day, travel can actually save you money. You’ll see health benefits, your relationships will thrive, and you may even land that senior position.

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