From Professional Careers to Running a B&B – Our Reinvention

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The word 'cheers' in a gold balloon on a wooden surface; highlighting the Cheers Bed and Breakfast, and reinvention

So, what is it like to retire from professional careers to run a B&B and become an artist?

We often get this question about our reinvention. We know it isn’t an idle one.

Many people are intrigued by the idea of reinvention, turning your life on its head and doing something entirely different. Running a bed and breakfast and creating a small business out of a former hobby are probably the top two “second chapter” dreams.

We did them both. And moved to a different country. All at the same time. And survived!

Actually, we’ve done this reinvention thing before. Colin, a British/Canadian CPA, at various times worked in the United Kingdom, Canada, British Virgin Islands and the United States. Najia went from an Organizational Psychologist working on Wall Street in New York to a trial lawyer handling complex litigation cases in Arizona.

And then to Canada to open a Bed and Breakfast (with no experience in the hospitality industry) and for Najia to (finally) turn her passion for jewelry making with art glass into a small business (with no retail business experience). What a long, strange trip it’s been!

Business sign for Cheers B&B, a product of the reinvention of Colin and Najia
One of the products of our reinvention – Cheers B&B!

We decided to start this blog because people keep telling us to write a book about our unusual lives (see the About Us to get an idea…). Maybe someday when we really retire, we’ll have the time to write a book. For now, a blog will have to do.

Our goal for this blog is to make you ponder, learn something new, be entertained and maybe be inspired to take that first step towards reinvention in your own life. Oh, and we hope to make you laugh, too!

Please join in the conversation!

Najia & Colin